African Map Musicals

  • Upcycled wooden
  •  It is beautiful and unique.
  • The piece is in 2 tones.
  • pine glossy finish wood
  • made of a different dark oak colored glossy wood
  • and nailed onto the Africa map carving.
  • Perfect as a center piece

African Map, Wooden Topographic Map Of Africa, African Topographic Map

  • This wooden carving of the African continent with countries delineated by hand-etched lettering is
  • an amazing way to connect with the Motherland.
  • Great for hallways, living room, outdoor, dining area etc.

African Rhythm

  • "African Rhythm" is inspired by African abstract shapes and forms.
  • It embodies Africa's love of music, drum rhythms and dance.
  • Deep-rooted ancestral music that moves us.
  • capture this rhythm in painting.

African Women (August Meeting)

  • It portrays Igbo women for their universal beauty and distinctive cultural character.
  • Colorful textured painting would be a great addition to your painting collection or good gift.
  • The texture and the strokes can be seen in the close-up photos.

Animals Kingdom Painting

  • A perfect addition to every room!
  • Our standard canvas is a finely textured artist-grade cotton substrate which consistently reproduces image details with outstanding clarity and detail.

Arhuanran – The Giant Warrior Prince of Benin Kingdom

  • This unique and exquisite artwork
  • portrays the Royal Prince of Benin in all his beauty.
  • inspired by the story of Arhuanran.

Ascension/ (Mother and Child)

  • Looking to add a little flair to your room?
  • This artwork depicts a queen mother and her child.
  • The mother is gifting her child with a beaded necklace to signify the child’s ascension to the throne.

Baba Ayan/The Drummer/Authentic African Art

  • The inspiration of the painting is from an African tribe in Nigeria, Benin, Ghana and Togo (Yoruba).
  • The word "Ayan" means drummer in the Yoruba language.
  • This painting portrays a man in his Agbada (a loose-fitting robe worn by men in Nigeria) playing the gangan and dancing along to the beat.

Baba Onilu

  • Handcrafted, ebony wood carving
  • A drummer with a gangan(talking drum)
  • an hourglass-shaped drum from West Africa,
  • He is the chief communicator.
  • Perfect for depicting the spirit of music and communication in a space.
  • Meant to be displayed in living areas.

Beautiful Dancers

This Wall Art Canvas is the best way to change the house atmosphere with small touches. This very beautiful, textured painting in colorful tones will not leave you indifferent. The subject of the painting is an abstract African dance depicting young African girls. Beautiful dancers sway to the beat of the drums sensually inviting you to join the dance. It is mystical while challenging perception. The colorful nature of the painting resonates with the colorful nature of women and their interactions. It invites you in for reflection. The original velvety texture of this painting perfectly matches the plot, which makes this painting even more attractive. With such a painting, your home will become even more elegant and comfortable. Also, this painting can be an excellent gift for family and friends for any special date that tells about your feelings.

Beautiful Igbo Maiden

A beautiful Igbo maiden coming back from the stream. The Igbo people are an ethnic group in Nigeria. They are majorly found in Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo States.

Beauty Of An African Woman

This painting has energies that cannot be ignored, just like the beauty of an African woman which is in the eyes of every beholder. Designed to awake & vibrate a mix of feelings every day of your life. Bring Life, Motivation & Happiness to your Walls! Made of premium, eco friendly material and will massively impact the ambiance of the room.
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