A Girl with a Black Hat

A fiction suspense story revealing true identity of a girl putting her into a serious crime mystery to solve.

A Man’s Graveyard

Historical fiction is set in the late 17th century West Africa, at a time when the Trans Atlantic slave trade was at its peak. A group of women must survive in a society that abhors their values. A story of passion, struggle, and the inevitable end of men who are controlled by their passions.

A Simple Secret

Dedicated FBI Special Agent Noah Marshall lives his life by the book and from the moment he met Eva, he knew she was the love of his life. For her, he would do anything even become President making his family and country proud. But Eva keeps secrets, the kind that can destroy their future and a nation. Now Noah must choose if love is more valuable than honour.

A Woman Alone

A Woman Alone is a collection of autobiographical writings, sketches, and essays that covers the entire span of Bessie Head's creative life, up to her death in 1986 at the age of 49. Born the child of a wealthy South African white woman and a black servant who tended to the woman's family's race horses, Head's birth is apparently considered a scandal.  Up to her death in 1986 at the age of 49. 

Abigail was here

You’re only young once, is it over yet? A funny short story about love, life, and what happened to me lately.

Aditu Olodumare

This book’s name can be translated as the mysteries of God, written by prolific writer David Fagunwa. David O. Fagunwa is the writer of the first full-length novel in Yoruba language. Fagunwa’s works characteristically take the form of loosely constructed picaresque fairy tales containing many folklore elements: spirits, monsters, gods, magic, and witchcraft. 
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