Bart and Jesse: A love story

Jesse This is my final year of high school. On to bigger and better things. I can’t wait to get the hell out of this town and away from my brother and family as soon as possible.

Can’t win this war

A retired British spy, Gabriel Hobbs and an American CIA boss, John Penn ally delicately with Francis Whyte, a notorious assassin who grew up in Nigeria to avert the birth of World War III. But with motives ulteriorly withsitting, a fraternity of warmongers finds the right spot to hit. World War III is imminent; creatures of the night pull to walk the day; love ties face severance; a war that cannot be won has to be fought.

Dead Even

Retired Guild Artemis Inquisitor Georgia Drake left everything behind after her partner’s death. But crime and murder aren’t done with her yet. With the help of her mastiff, Benjamin, and raven pair, she’s asked by the eager but untested sheriff of her new home on Whitewitch Island, California, for help when a series of killings stir up the past locals would prefer stayed buried..

Finding Love in Christmas Cove

In the town where Christmas lives year-round, the new year promises a new beginning, a new life, and renewed hope for two lonely hearts.

Guerrilla of the Niger Delta

Set in the creeks of the Niger-Delta, Nigeria, the story focuses on DELANO MARTIN a special US forces Marine, employed for a straightforward job (or so he thought) but finding himself caught in the midst of a raging feud between the tripartite force of the Nigerian Government, the oil cartels and militants within the Niger Delta region.


She told me, she promised me, she’d stay away, now she’s here and all I have to do is pull the trigger’ A life for a life were the words we parted with.

Mission I’m Possible: How to Set Achievable Life/career Goals

The title was coined from the popular phrase “Mission impossible” which was just rearranged to become “MISSION I’M POSSIBLE” to

Mouth Hung Open

A rural-based scoundrel in his mid-twenties battles his overbearing benefactor for supremacy and wealth, leaving behind a trail of exploited
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