A Man’s Graveyard

Historical fiction is set in the late 17th century West Africa, at a time when the Trans Atlantic slave trade was at its peak. A group of women must survive in a society that abhors their values. A story of passion, struggle, and the inevitable end of men who are controlled by their passions.

Behind Dark Clouds

Monalisa, devastated by the gruesome extermination of her family is faced with the choice of abandoning a baby she never planned to have in pursuit of a life long career she had always dreamed of. She is determined to unmask the one who placed the kill order on her family. Follow her marks in this book as she chooses the hard road.

Coming Back To Christmas Cove

At the most magical time of the year, change is in the air for two unsuspecting hearts…. Mallory Taylor left

Conquer, a journey to Freedom

Temptation, addiction, lust, guilt, redemption; these are but some of the issues raised in this semi-autobiography and anthology Conquer by Nii Lante.

Dance of Chaos

Fiona MacDougall is conceited, lazy, ignorant, and completely lacking in common sense. Her mind is filled with science fiction and Walter Mitty fantasies, and her grasp on real life is not strong. She applies for a job in her company’s infotech department because she will get an afternoon off work to sit aptitude tests.
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