Boundless: Secrets to Realising and Rocking Your Hidden Potentials

Knowing potential can be easy for some people; but for others it can prove to be a painful journey. The best thing that can happen to a person is to know their purpose and find their true potentials.

Flee: A Short Story

She told me, she promised me, she’d stay away, now she’s here and all I have to do is pull the trigger’ A life for a life were the words we parted with.

Francis is alive

Francis Whyte, a notorious assassin who was supposedly dead is spotted arriving Nigeria at an airport. The CIA believes he’s in Nigeria to assassinate the president. At the same time, Majeed Akintola and Olawunmi Oni, two lovers who defraud people on the internet receive their latest American victim as a guest.

Heaven’s Tales

Heaven’s Tale is an anthology of short/mini-stories told in poetic form. It is a collection that gives birth to the richness of words in poems and their usage in different parts of the book.


She gazed at her ghastly reflection in the mirror, and inwardly cringed from the sight. Glassy black eyes stared back at her, eyes that looked too empty and hollow, void of life- void of existence. Her pale skin shone with a sickly glow, revolting, even to her own self. How had it come to this? Why was she like this? What had she done to deserve this? She wondered silently.


It is up to twin sisters, Modupe and Bunmi to finish what their mother started and save humanity from the wrath of the gods who will bring them harm. Although bound by blood and a legacy of magic and destruction, the sisters want nothing to do with each other.

Second Chance in Christmas Cove

At the most wonderful time of the year, two hearts discover that family is more than blood. When Kira Williams left the Christmas Cove Children’s Home for New York, she never dreamed she’d see her childhood best friend Xavier again.

The Delicate Choice

THE DELICATE CHOICE is a short story about Ahaoma Village – a quiet and prosperous village that is besieged, all
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