A Girl with a Black Hat

A fiction suspense story revealing true identity of a girl putting her into a serious crime mystery to solve.

A Simple Secret

Dedicated FBI Special Agent Noah Marshall lives his life by the book and from the moment he met Eva, he knew she was the love of his life. For her, he would do anything even become President making his family and country proud. But Eva keeps secrets, the kind that can destroy their future and a nation. Now Noah must choose if love is more valuable than honour.

Hooked at Last

Sesan was a notorious cultist while in College. During his final year in school, his gang had a bloody clash with a rival group. He was nabbed down with an axe and left as dead in the pool of his own blood. At the hospital, he discovered a new way of life and later on found a new love, Ajoke!

Keeping busy (Book 2 of Penance Trilogy)

Book 2 of the Penance trilogy finds Detective Sergeant Dagmar Johnson pregnant after her brief tryst with the handsome accountant. This bisexual, mixed race, German American is a magnet for trouble which seems to find her all too easily.


Schoolteacher Elliot Smith is standing on the platform of an outdoor underground station late one night. He is not pleased having just wasted an evening watching a long faded band in a local pub.

Mayor’s Abduction

What do you do when you dislike the mayor. You get him kidnapped, of course. Norman Sinclair seemed poised to return for his second term as the Mayor of Cardim until he is kidnapped mysteriously from a moving carriage two weeks from election day.

Odell’s Fall

“A page-turning, pot-boiler of a read.” —Robert Cooper, former president, HBO Pictures. Odell Moore has it all. Respect as a top African American attorney, Manhattan penthouse, and wealth.

Penance: Absolution (Book 3 of Penance Trilogy)

In the final part of the trilogy, Dagmar Johnson is forced to return to London upon the appearance of Angela/Angelica Jones who is seeking her assistance.

Penance: Disruption(Book 1 of Penance Trilogy)

A partially dressed Detective Sergeant Dagmar Johnson wakes up lying next to an unknown man in an unknown house. In an attempt to discover how she ended up there, events that follow, lead her to an encounter with an organised crime gang heavily into prostitution, money laundering, loan sharking and the supply of heroin. Dagmar Johnson is serving penance in a specialised detective unit because she has had a history with alcohol.

Queen of Killer A Suspenseful Mafia Story (Secrets of the Famiglia Book 3)

He took everything from me, now it’s my turn and what my husband isn’t expecting, is that I play on BLOOD. I was his second choice, his biggest mistake. I never wanted things to turn out the way they did, but they did. Now my choice is limited. Join him, or end him.
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