Abigail was here

You’re only young once, is it over yet? A funny short story about love, life, and what happened to me lately.

And then he bit me

After nearly killing her latest date, one-fourth vampire Emma Brandt finds herself back in the Vampire Community, whether she likes it or not. Throw in her nosy family, Vampire Security on speed dial, and an ex-boyfriend who wants a second chance at forever, and you have romantic comedy with some bite.

Between her Legs

How will you feel when you reunite with your man only to discover he has turn gay? Such is the predicament of a virgin, pretty woman who returns to reunite with her man only to meet gay.

Blessed among monkeys

Are you ready to learn how three boys created software that can steal money from any bank account? Three talented boys graudted from the university to meet a poor, crashing economy destroyed by greedy Politicians.

Book of Lies

Book Of Lies is a collection of 100 poems on politics, religion, injustice, inequality, love, family, regrets and other social themes embedded in the lines and stanzas of each poem, all written by Noble Alexander Beta. The book is dedicated to all victims of systemic victimization, social injustice and suppression throughout the world.

Diary of a newborn

Diary of a newborn was inspired by the beauties of early Adulthood glazed with luxury, written by Adesanya Ernestina Chekwube, a multifaceted and hardworking writer who coins words together from a broad specification of vocabularies.


Birthed the same way it was named, "Impromptu" is one book you'll totally fall in love with. Tiwa goes into a convenience marriage with Ari just to secure a future for her unborn baby. She hides the pregnancy from her ex-boyfriend, who she broke up with because she discovered he's a drug trafficker.

Missing You

What does it mean to love someone? What does it take? Would you be willing to go on loving that someone if it means costing you pain and longing?
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