Rules of wearing a Statement Earring

Our handmade Ankara earrings are colourful, acrylic, and light as a feather. It is made with vibrant and quality Ankara fabric.These large earrings are full of color and make a bold addition to any outfit. It is definitely the Statement piece you need to add to your outfit.

A statement piece is meant to stand out on its own. Here are rules to enable you wear your Ankara earrings in the most fashionable way.

  1. Pair your Ankara statement earring with a simple or plain outfit: 

Less is more so try on your Ankara statement earrings with simple outfits, like a black or white top and a pencil jean trouser, a plain little dress, blazer, or a simple sweater. Statement jewelleries radically lift up your look. They instantly dress up an outfit and give you a bossy and confident aura. 

  1. Wear your Ankara statement earring on a slick high or low bun: 

Statement earrings are mostly big dangling earrings with a bold look. Combining this earring with a bun to show your neck line and enhance the structure of your face is the way to go. They look mostly great when the hair is tucked in a high slick bun, but they’re also great with a low bun, high ponytail, short hair or a pixie cut. 

  1. Keep the rest of your jewelry minimal:

Statement pieces are meant to stand out and outshine other accessories. When wearing the Ankara statement earring, it is best to let them be the only statement. If you’re wearing our statement earring, then it’s not advisable to wear big statement necklace to go with it. Too much statement accessories defeats the purpose of a statement piece. Don’t make your earrings compete with other accessories you use on your outfit. It is better to wear simple jewelleries to compliment your look such as a single chain bracelet, one or two subtle rings or a simple cute necklace. 

  1. Wear a simple, yet bold makeup

When wearing your Ankara statement earring, it is most appropriate to wear a very simple or nude makeup because the statement earring brings attention to your face and when there is a heavy makeup on, it might overshadow your statement piece. It is okay touse a bold lipstick but definitely not bold eyes look. A bold lipstick color such as redwill looks perfect on you while wearing a statement earring. 

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