Beauty Of An African Woman

This painting has energies that cannot be ignored, just like the beauty of an African woman which is in the eyes of every beholder. Designed to awake & vibrate a mix of feelings every day of your life. Bring Life, Motivation & Happiness to your Walls! Made of premium, eco friendly material and will massively impact the ambiance of the room.

Bejewelled Mirror

This round wall mirror is 100% handcrafted. A beautiful and flawlessly handmade mirror from Nigeria. This mirror is made with painstakingly chosen materials from Africa. This stunning mirror gives a contemporary upgrade to an exemplary look. The framing is hand-produced wood with a crafted design to give it a sleek, urban look. It is hand-completed for a delightful, rich look. The attention to detail and stunning design make this a quality piece. Wherever you display this mirror, it will grab attention with its exceptional look. Use it in the bathroom or over a dresser or table for a luxurious look. It can also be gifted for multiple occasions. The diameter is 14 inches wide. It accompanies a string at the back prepared for hanging.

Benin Kingdom

This picture is a representation of a family portrait of the King of Benin along with his wives. The Benin king is known as the Oba of Benin. Benin's culture is as rich and diverse as its landscape.

Caring Mother

Caring mother speaks to the role mothers play bringing up their offshoot. It goes without saying that mothers give, nurture it and live to benefit in the long run fruits of their labour. This is the cycle of life of a natural woman of motherhood. A depiction of the ethereal grace and the strong, compassionate soul of a woman, this artwork will have you mesmerized. The traditional outfits, patterns, and vivid colors tastefully highlighted in this charming wall art make it a delightful addition to any indoor space. Perfect gift for a Mother’s Day, mother's birthday, new mom and newborn baby shower.


This Wall Art Canvas is the most ideal way of changing house air with little contacts. This exceptionally delightful, finished artistic creation in brilliant tones won't leave you indifferent. The subject of the artwork is a theoretical African coronation portraying Oba getting coronated trodden by illustrious ancestor. Crown your living space with this art. A prime reminder that you are royalty.  

Djembe Queen

Framed by sea shells and wood. Bring the energy of the beach into your home. Coming to the realization that musicians create music with their hearts, and from their hearts creations travel to their brain, and from there, if we're lucky enough, ultimately we get to hear a creation. However, in reality we really only get to hear the creation because of their hands! Djembe queen shows the rhythm and intensity of the hand drummer! Ideal for decorating your living room, or office.

Eko Ile/Lagos Nigeria Art

This drawing is a pictorial representation of the third mainland bridge located in Lagos, ‘Eko’; one of the most populous cities in Africa. Traffic in the city increased throughout the 1970s and 1980s – leading to heavy congestion on roads. This led to the building of this bridge.

Fulani Dancers

This work of art is a perfect representation of the Fulani female dancers. They would wear a Fulani short top designed with wool which covers only a part of their body but open their navel. Their hair is well packed with colorful hair bonds while their clothes are colorfully designed with beautiful potters and are worn together with other Fulani costume jewelry.

Fulani Maiden

Fulani Maidens are known to be outstanding in their look and style. This picture shows the alluring look with the typical attire of a Fulani woman. The maiden is carrying a calabash full of nunu( fresh milk).

Gaskira, Rattan Hanging Basket

This natural fibre woven hanging basket is versatile enough to be added to any style of garden. The traditional look of this hanging basket allows it to blend in with any outdoor setting. This woven hanging basket add a stylish new element to your garden and can easily brighten up otherwise dreary and dull exterior walls with their handmade charm. You can grow plants and flowers at eye level to add bursts of colour to your outside spaces. These rattan hanging baskets have a traditional rustic look, making them great at blending in with gardens, patios and walls. Ideal to hang from pillars, walls and fences or position either side of a doorway to give a fun, organic, rustic look.

Gazing On Her Future

Capture the essence of childhood on your walls. The feeling of wanting to get older that gripped you with excitement and trepidation. As she waited in a distant gaze, her eyes melted like ice awaiting their return, her face is distraught, wild eyed, elderly, introspective. The image gives us a black child with a rich lime-painted nose and eye lids. There is both beauty and toxicity to her They are created in colors that evoke clown paint, the exciting use of line and color has the kind of kinetic energy the viewer can practically absorb; it’s tactile and almost seems to vibrate off the walls. Perfect in a lounge or waiting area!

Handmade Painting, Acrylic wall art

It can be used to decorate homes, offices, hotels and can be presented as gift to love ones.  It gives real life to the space of your home.
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