Wooden Sculpture Of Benin King and Queen

Fabulous hand carved wooden African sculpture of Benin King and Queen weighing 10.5kg. Made in Benin Handmade

Zodiac Aquarium

Fabricated from wood and varnished to add colour and texture as well as to prevent wood decay making it great for indoor or outdoor display.   Choose from 12 star signs AQUARIUS - 20th January - 18th February PISCES - 19th February - 20th March ARIES - 21st March - 19th April TAURUS - 20th April - 20th May GEMINI - 21st May - 20th June CANCER - 21st June - 22nd July LEO - 23rd July - 22nd August VIRGO - 23rd August - 22nd September LIBRA - 23rd September - 22nd October SCORPIO - 23rd October - 21st November SAGITTARIUS - 22nd November - 21st December CAPRICORN - 22nd December - 19th January Great birth and birthday gift ideas
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