Royal Maidens

The Royal Maiden painting with vivid colors. The African Cultural Dance art is deeply woven into the social fabric of Africa and generally Involving aspects of Africa Music as well as rhythmic bodily movement. It is enchanting, with a graceful movement and excellent vibrancy. READY TO HANG on your wall.

Sato Drummer

Sato drummer music links us with our beginning, life, God. Therefore, it is sacred. It is an unmistakably sign of deep spiritual fall when music rendering becomes sensually inclined. Sato drums have the potency of driving away evil spirits, wherever they are beaten. The Sato drum is used and beaten in Akarakunmo during celebratory periods, particularly at burials of very old and renowned individuals. The drums are approximately three metres tall and beaten with seven long drumsticks. Those who play the drums must jump simultaneously at the rhythm of the drum, wear traditional attire and perform acrobatic displays. Those who play drums must be orphans. An orphan who has lost one parent can only use one hand to play the drum and an orphan who has lost both parents can use two hands. If both parents are still alive, you cannot play any of the drums. The drums are hollow and must be covered. The main dancers and drummers of the Sato drums in Nigeria are the children of Kodjo, Avidagba and Tosavi. These are the people who originate from the areas of Agbokomeh, Lokossa and Dadapame (now called Wheaga). Perfect for an outdoor piece.

Staring into Abyss/Colorful face Portrait

This Artwork is the best way to change the atmosphere of your home or office. A perfect solution to complete your home/office décor. This artwork shows a woman staring deeply into space.

Sweet Mother Series

The artist puts a lot of efforts recognizing how precious and elegant African women can be especially when they combine their daily duty and nursing together. This original West African oil painting on canvas would make a great addition to any wall! Hand-painted in Nigeria, it features a colorful, bright and unique characteristic of everyday women in Nigeria.

The Basket Weaver

This artwork illustrates a charming female basket weaver in all her glory going about her daily work making strong, durable, colorful and hand-made baskets.

The Look/Mask Abstract Expressionism

Pleasing to the eye and artistic, this artwork shows the delicacy and multifaceted nature of a mask. By entwining vibrant colors and curves together, the painting depicts the emotions of the artist and it reflects the graceful movements of human emotion where warmth, charm, joy, and love reside.

Town Festival

Town festivals where everybody comes to relax and be thankful for being granted the time to meet again. It is meant to evoke feelings of community and gratitude. This painting is designed to be the star of your space. You can use it your home decor as, wall art decor, wall art prints, wall framed, wall art bedroom, wall art living room, wall art office, wall art kitchen.

Tukunya, Flower Vessel

Woven by artisans from leaves, this vase set lends an organic touch to a living room, dresser, dinner table or sunroom. If you want to draw some colors or create green-style in your courtyard, you will prefer this dedicate vase. Use with faux greens or place unadorned. Each vase is hand woven around a metal base ensuring a solid foundation. It is lightweight and easy to move around, place these vessels indoors or covered outdoor porch. Handmade

Ugho Dance/Benin Dance

This painting is inspired from Ugho Dance. It is a special dance performed in honour of chiefs and kings. Just as chest movements are important to social dance is the waist wriggling to ugho. It is a dance of the Esan people in present day Benin Kingdom of Nigeria.

Unity Bowl

This bowl is about an unpretentious community. if the legs are in the same direction the bowl wouldn’t stand. The legs are in different but complimenting directions producing stability. It embodies, encompasses and allegories the cultural meaning of unity.  Handmade out of beautiful ebony wood. A very eye-catching piece meant to either be a focal point of your collection or placed near your favourite spot.

Utopia/Abstract painting

This art work pays serious detailed attention to its elements of form, colour, line, tone, and texture. This painting is large enough to fill up a significant space in the room and also to fill the room with so much warmth.

Wooden Guitar Figurines On Stand, Music Lover Sculpture

A flawless handmade wood sculpture, this Guitar art statue will surely delight as a gift for a musician or music teacher. Bring more music in your life or your friends’! Perfect as a table centerpiece.
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