African Atlas Magazine Issue 2

From amazing culture to out-of-this-world startups, this issue celebrates the innovators, thinkers, philanthropists and their relentless need to move the continent forward.


“Karma, alone, is too slow to curtail the wickedness of men.- The Originator. Humanity had hoped that through technological and scientific advances that they’d become galactic utopian societies. This is not the case. The futuristic promises of America in the twenty-first century were merely a façade for what they are, which is a multi-generational caste system living in a dystopian hell.


From the award winning creator of We Should All Be Feminists - the story is about the narrative of two Nigerians advancing in the U.S. also, the UK, bringing up widespread issues of race, having a place, the abroad experience for the African diaspora, and the quest for identity and a home. Ifemelu and Obinze are youthful and in love when they left military-administered Nigeria for the West. Delightful, confident Ifemelu sets out toward America, where regardless of her scholarly achievement, she is compelled to wrestle with being dark for the first time. Calm, smart Obinze had would have liked to join her, however with post-9/11 America closed to him, he rather dives into a risky, undocumented life in London. After fifteen years, they rejoin in a recently democratic Nigeria, and reignite their passion for one another and for their country.
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