Wish Upon A Star In Christmas Cove

He’s a movie star with a past. She’s trying to make a living in America. But can two hearts find common ground in the town where Christmas never sleeps?

Yoruba Numeration System

Authored by Modupe Oduyoye and published by Ibadan Daystar Press, this book attempts to teach us about the Yoruba numeration system. This book is a part of the Daystar structure of Yoruba series. Yoruba language is a very beautiful one which a lot of people should learn.

You are better off dead

A young female adult is found hanging naked and dead in her bathroom. Everything at the crime scene points out to suicide but when her father is interviewed, he dinies calling it a suicide and says that his daughter was murdered, could he be right?

You can Become Rich

This is such a powerful book and a relatively quick read. Money is everything and yet many people live with contradictory thoughts about prosperity subconsciously.  Years of skewed programming, whether it’s through religious beliefs or cultural influences, can pollute the quality of our life. He clearly details why our individual mindset is the single most limiting factor in growing an exceptionally large successful wealth portfolio for ourselves. 

You Must Set Forth at Dawn

You must set forth at dawn Is a memoir written by Wole Soyinka. More than a foremost figure in the world of literature, Wole Soyinka is a daring voice for human rights, democracy, and freedom. He is a Nigerian playwright and political activist who has received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1986 along with many other awards.
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