Can’t win this war

A retired British spy, Gabriel Hobbs and an American CIA boss, John Penn ally delicately with Francis Whyte, a notorious assassin who grew up in Nigeria to avert the birth of World War III. But with motives ulteriorly withsitting, a fraternity of warmongers finds the right spot to hit. World War III is imminent; creatures of the night pull to walk the day; love ties face severance; a war that cannot be won has to be fought.

Catching lily

A chance encounter makes Lily hope again, and Mark finds his stopping point. Lily comes from a family of witches, and she has got a curse over her head. The Winston family is large, full of wonders, happiness, but also bitterness.

Coming Back To Christmas Cove

At the most magical time of the year, change is in the air for two unsuspecting hearts…. Mallory Taylor left

Conquer, a journey to Freedom

Temptation, addiction, lust, guilt, redemption; these are but some of the issues raised in this semi-autobiography and anthology Conquer by Nii Lante.

Dance of Chaos

Fiona MacDougall is conceited, lazy, ignorant, and completely lacking in common sense. Her mind is filled with science fiction and Walter Mitty fantasies, and her grasp on real life is not strong. She applies for a job in her company’s infotech department because she will get an afternoon off work to sit aptitude tests.

Dangerous love

This is a palace where one wrong move can determine if you live or die. In the quest for her family to survive, Aramade found herself in this dangerous territory only to be noticed by the second prince.  
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