Becka’s Awakening(Book One in The Winstons Series)

Becka wanted the power and the money. What she got was losing her heart. Becka is a witch and not a very good one. With her great-grandmother’s curse hanging over her she has no idea how to escape her fate. When she suddenly spills her coffee on a stranger she finds out there’s more to life than what she thought.

Beggar (The Satan Sniper’s Motorcycle Club)

A suspenseful romance about a beggar and an enforcer. I was on the streets, until I wasn’t. They took me, fed me and clothed me. For a time I was happy, until he came back.  

Behind Dark Clouds

Monalisa, devastated by the gruesome extermination of her family is faced with the choice of abandoning a baby she never planned to have in pursuit of a life long career she had always dreamed of. She is determined to unmask the one who placed the kill order on her family. Follow her marks in this book as she chooses the hard road.

Between her Legs

How will you feel when you reunite with your man only to discover he has turn gay? Such is the predicament of a virgin, pretty woman who returns to reunite with her man only to meet gay.

Bite the internet

BITE THE INTERNET – 7 Steps to Understand & Use the Internet as It Is Today contains seven chapters and one bonus chapter. The bonus chapter – chapter 8 is titled Making A Living From The Internet: 8 Most Lucrative Areas in ICT Today. I believe that some of us reading this now have either read other books or attended seminars that are entirely devoted to teaching you something related to making a living from the internet.

Blessed among monkeys

Are you ready to learn how three boys created software that can steal money from any bank account? Three talented boys graudted from the university to meet a poor, crashing economy destroyed by greedy Politicians.

Book of Lies

Book Of Lies is a collection of 100 poems on politics, religion, injustice, inequality, love, family, regrets and other social themes embedded in the lines and stanzas of each poem, all written by Noble Alexander Beta. The book is dedicated to all victims of systemic victimization, social injustice and suppression throughout the world.

Boundless: Secrets to Realising and Rocking Your Hidden Potentials

Knowing potential can be easy for some people; but for others it can prove to be a painful journey. The best thing that can happen to a person is to know their purpose and find their true potentials.
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